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Our Heritage

On 12 Jan 1959, encouraged by Bro Paul of Jesus, 24 students became the first batch of St Gabriel’s pupils who sat for the Cambridge School Certificate Examination and formed Union 60 to support each other in “brotherhood and altruism” and to carry on that spirit upon graduation. This was the genesis of the St Gabriel’s Alumni.


In 1961, Bro. Emmanuel was made Director of the school and the Old Boy’s Association (OBA). Since then, Bro Emmanuel has always served as the OBA’s spiritual guardian and its long time patron and friend of St Gabriel’s. His signature calling was always “Once a Gabrielite, Always a Gabrielite"

Our Logo

OBA logo.png

The Gabrielites logo was designed by Mr Bernard Chiang (Class of 1968).

The outline of the school`s badge was chosen for its familiarity. The bold and central capital `G` signifies pride in St Gabriel’s School and leadership to the  community. The inner, middle, and outer lines of the `G` highlight the primary and secondary schools combined with the association respectively and reflect the values of unity, strength and working closely with the school in a synergistic way. The upward tapering `G` symbolize a broad and firm base of volunteers succeeding each generation of leaders.

White and blue reflect the familiar colours of the school uniform. The school virtues of purity in virtue and truth is signified by the white background. The darkening shades of blue: Zircon, Delphinium and Monaco for the inner, middle and outer concentric `G`s respectively symbolize students who develop physical, intellectual and spiritual well-being from primary to secondary schooling to being alumni members who affirm inclusion as a way to uphold the dignity of the person and to build community ties

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