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Henry Phang

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A True Friend of the School 
Class of 1961, SGSS
Governor of the St Gabriel’s Foundation
Benefactor and Chairman of the SMC and OBA

Mr. Phang has supported and helped St Gabriel’s loyally for the past 40 years and has been on the school’s board of Management for more than 25 years right up to the inception of the St Gabriel’s Foundation in 2001. He is also a Governor of the Board and plays an active role as the Chairman of the School Management Committee and as President of the Old Boy’s Association.


I have many fond memories of my days at St Gabriel’s. There was never a dull moment at school. The bonds between the Brothers of St Gabriel, teachers and classmates were all close-knitted and friendly. I loved going to school and always looked forward to returning to school after the holidays.

I joined St Gabriel’s as a 14-year-old secondary school in 1959. I was a scout and prefect, as well as a member of the Young Christian Society and also the Literacy, Debating and Drama Society. I even represented the school in the National Oratorical Contest in 1960. One of my most memorable day at St Gabriel’s was a trip organized by the Brothers to visit St Joseph’s English School, a Gabrielite school in Johore Bahru, Malaysia. A retreat was held there followed by a swim at the Lido Beach. Not many people then had the opportunity to travel and this was my first trip outside of Singapore.

The spirit of St Gabriel’s is still very much in me today and I try to support and help St Gabriel’s as loyally as I can. Once a Gabrielite, Always a Gabrielite.

I hope more Gabrielites will return and be active to serve the school. Everyone can contribute a little of his time to volunteer in any of the committees, and help organize activities so that members can build the Old Boys Association into a more vibrant Alumni Association that every Gabrielite can be proud of.

Adapted from an interview by Mr. David Lui, Michael Chen and Gabriel Lee, SGPS, 2011

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