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Brother Emmanuel

Brother Emmanuel (Gaudette Pierre-Paul)

28 Oct 1933 – Aug 31 2017

Principal of St Gabriel’s School (1960-1963, 1969-1974)

Ex-Supervisor of Gabrielite Schools

It is an honor for me to speak about St Gabriel’s School. One thing I can say about St Gabriel’s is that it is a school founded by the Brothers of St Gabriel with the purpose of educating the children of Singapore, of all kinds of classes, religious and races. The Brothers have always had a deep love for the children placed in their care. Our goal has always been to be of service to all those who enter our schools, to lift them up from wherever they are to be the best that they can be.

St Gabriel’s has been privileged to have the Brothers who were there and also the staff, parents and benefactors who have helped us in many ways to make St Gabriel’s what it is today and even better.

The Old Boys’ Association has played an important part all these years under the leadership of Mr. Henry Phang and others to provide the school with all their needs. I’ve spent a long time at Boys’ Town but I’ve also had enough years of service to St Gabriel’s School to say that I have a GREAT, GREAT LOVE for the school and that’s why I never miss an occasion to be with them, to share with them, to love them and to rejoice with them over the various improvements that are made.

I can call only beautiful remembrances of St Gabriel’s, the attachment I have, the patience of the teachers, parents and Old Boys and parents.

It goes into the archives that Bro Emmanuel was a strict man who used to cane freely but lovingly.

St Gabriel’s should always remain in the memory of all as a school that produces people of great sincerity and great love who continue that mission of the Brothers of St Gabriel.

As we often say, Once a Gabrielite, Always a Gabrielite.

Adapted from an interview by SGSS Heritage. Published in Aug 2017

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