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‘Spotlight’ profiles ex-students from all walks of life and teachers who share how the values they learnt in St Gabriel’s  have steered them through life’s many challenges and shaped their future. 

Among them are also ex-students who have returned to the School contributing in various ways to the School which has educated and nurtured them.

If you know of any ex-students or ex-teachers who have an inspiring story to tell, intertwined with heartwarming memories of their school days, do send their names to or and we shall connect with them.

Bro E.jpg

Brother Emmanuel

Principal (1960-1963,1969-1974)

"St Gabriel’s should always remain in the memory of all as a school that produces people of great sincerity and great love..." [more]

Bro Denis - no frame.png

Brother Denis

Teacher (1967-2004)

"Just mention St Gabriel’s Secondary and I will be beaming the whole day..." [more]

Henry Phang - no shadow.png

Henry Phang

A True Friend of the School

"I hope more Gabrielites will return and be active to serve the school..." [more]

Stanley Tan.JPG

Stanley Tan

Teacher & HOD Mathematics (1977-2008)

"I spent almost 60% of my life at St Gabriel’s. It was the place where I got an education..." [more]

Hariss Harun.png

Hariss Harun

Class of 2007, SGSS

"St Gabriel’s taught me many life skills like discipline and perseverance..." [more]

Peter Tan.png

Peter Tan

Teacher & HOD English
Senior Assistant (1957-2001)

"I had the wonderful opportunity to form and shape my charges..." [more]

Lim Kok Kee.png

Lim Kok Kee

Class of 1963. SGSS
Teacher at SGPS

"I wanted to be a teacher in St Gabriel’s because I wanted to carry on the tradition..." [more]

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