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Brother Denis Care Fund

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In 2014, a group of alumni from the St Gabriel’s Old Boys’ Association started the Bro Denis CARE Fund to honour the exemplary work of our dearly beloved teacher who had given so much of his love and dedication for students at St Gabriel’s.


The purpose of the fund is to:

  • pay tribute and remember the heritage that Bro Denis leaves us as a caring and dedicated educator

  • continue his life's work in caring especially for at-risk students in the NA and NT streams

The Bro Denis CARE Fund is raised through an annual subscription. The funds raised are used to partially subsidise the CARE programme that the school is partnering Children At Risk Empowerment (CARE) Singapore (a VWO specialising in youth work) to conduct for our lower secondary NA and NT students to build up their self-belief, intra-personal and inter-personal skills.


Other than classroom sessions, the youth workers from CARE Singapore also engage the students in meaningful after-school activities, as well as work closely with school staff like the form teachers, school counsellors etc to support those with more pressing and complex needs. Given that many of the students in these classes come from financially challenged families, this subsidy together with other MOE funds, really helps the make the programme accessible to them. 

If you'd like to contribute, please make out a crossed cheque to "St. Gabriel’s Secondary School’s Maintenance Account", indicate "Bro Denis CARE Fund" behind it and mail it to 


The Gabrielites

c/o Saint Gabriel's Secondary School

24 Serangoon Ave 1

Singapore 556140

You may also donate in cash at the above location. If you'd like us to send you a a tax-exempt receipt (for 2.5x the donated amount), do also let us know your NRIC or company UEN and mailing address.

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